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A Million-Dollar Idea

If Mister Rogers (Note: The television host, not Mr. Aaron Rodgers, QB for the Green Bay Packers who is killing my Fantasy Football Season) was still around today, he would certainly agree with me that the past two days have been “beautiful days in the neighborhood” here in Massachusetts. Despite starting my day when the world is still pitch black outside in order to make it to 7:30 AM high school visits, I do enjoy the crisp air and warm sunshine come early afternoon. What I do not enjoy is the conundrum that is…Visitor Parking.

Visitor Parking of the Current Era

As the Undergraduate Admission Staff, it is our duty and privilege to travel during during the fall season and illuminate students with knowledge about Babson College.  Typically we are talking about 4 visits per day, sometimes 5 with trips to Community Based Organizations or interviews tacked on as well. Needless to say, we run on a tight schedule; therefore, quick parking is a must and yet, often not an option. Sorry folks, three spots in front of your main entrance will not suffice, or better yet, no Visitor Parking AT ALL! Now for the drum roll please..

What do you get when you combine:

1) A nervous and new counselor fearing to be late for visits


2) Babson’s contagious Entrepenurial Spirt?

Visitor Parking of the Future


 I know, I know – I’m an innovator. What can I say? I discovered my inner entrepreneur thanks to my muse, my inspiration – Babson College. Nobody does it better. Babson has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the top undergraduate school in the world in Entrepreneurship and #24 (from #28 last year) among the nation’s top business schools. If you came here, you’d catch the “Beaver Fever” too.