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Babson is Everywhere

At Babson, the Center for Career Development is always encouraging students to pursue internships in order to prepare us for the real world. This summer I decided to take their advice. One of my professors recommended me for a finance internship at Tango Card, a technology company that built the perfect gift card and is the first company to integrate rewards in enterprise applications like Salesforce. The company began three years ago in my hometown—Seattle. I was offered the internship, and spent three months helping the Tango Card team.

What surprised me most was that although most of the twenty five employees in the office had never heard of Babson College, they were actually surrounded by Babson’s global brand and did not even realize. Tango Card’s office walls are covered in IdeaPaint, a whiteboard-type coating that allows employees to draw ideas directly onto the wall using a dry erase marker. The Tango Card team was surprised to hear that IdeaPaint was created by Babson graduates while they were undergraduate students at the College. Additionally, the team uses Grasshopper, an automated phone answering system, as a staple to the superior customer service offered. Grasshopper was also created by a Babson graduate. Babson’s mark does not stop there. Not only is Home Depot one of Tango Card’s most popular selling gift cards, it was also founded by a notable Babson alumnus, Arthur Blank. From the paint on the walls to the software depended on every day, Babson graduates provide wholesome value to Tango Card and many other businesses around the world. Whether you realize it or not, Babson is likely contributing in some way, shape, or form to your community.