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Keeping up with WEST

Every Thursday after work, I have to send a document to my supervisor outlining all the tasks I had been given that week, and if I had managed to complete them. In the beginning weeks at WEST, my list was predominantly business development related. It was also quite short. However, when I showed more interest in WEST’s technology operations, the Executive Director appointed me to head the technology operations of WEST. I was to manage another intern who was based in Hawaii and who looked after the website. I’ve been a lot busier ever since, and my weekly list has gotten lengthier, but having this position makes me truly feel like a part of WEST, since a lot of the business outcomes now depend on me completing all my tasks in a timely manner.

With more work comes more responsibility, and I am grateful that WEST has given me this chance to challenge myself. I’ve also found out that technology could be a possible field for me to work in. I don’t think I would have known this, had I not done this internship. It is kind of sad to think that my internship will be over so soon.