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First Day

Hello everyone! My name is Priya Kanjia and I am an upcoming junior at Babson College. This summer, I am going to be interning at Boston World Partnership just outside of Boston, MA. Coming into its fourth year, BWP was started as an initiative to put the city on the map as an entrepreneurial hub. The company is focused on linking entrepreneurs and innovators as “connectors” so business leaders have a network to go to for resources, talent and any other needs they may have. BWP also feeds Boston.com’s Global Business Hub that gives the latest news updates on Boston’s business community in relation to the world economy; it is currently Boston.com’s most heavily trafficked blog on the site.

On my first day, I came into the offices and was met by the executive director. Another intern was starting on the same day as me, so the director went over a few of the upcoming projects we would be involved in this summer. BWP is redoing its website, and everyone is currently working on the website content before the site goes live. The company works closely with the Cambridge Innovation Center, the world’s largest facility offering office space and state of the art technical service to emerging companies and growing businesses. BWP is currently working on a program called “Rent A Desk” where established organization, corporations and companies can rent out empty desks to small companies looking for office space. BWP is all about connecting Boston entrepreneurs with international entrepreneurs, and the organization is working on establishing itself in India through its current relations with companies that are known now in the US and abroad in India. Since the Connector network is constantly growing, BWP is also always working on finding the best Connectors through its interview/screening process and networking events. The director really emphasized that she and the team wanted us as interns to get involved in whichever projects we were more interested in so we could make the most out of our experience. It was exciting to hear about everything coming up, especially knowing I will be able to get involved in the particular projects I’m interested in.
My first job for the day was to work on parts of the web site; we are still working with the developer to fix up the site before it goes live, but the team has open access to editing the development site. Along with cleaning up titles and descriptions, I worked on detailing a few blog posts by Connectors who were reaching out to the network for help and other resources. For the rest of the day, I worked on a few small projects for the team. I was given a list of companies with new sites that I had to compile into a new site resource list with updates on their website and description. I also started working on a marketing handout that included an overall view of the company. After my first day, I’m definitely looking forward to spending the summer at BWP and being involved in the company’s upcoming projects for the next few months!