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Duties at BREC and preparing for 2nd Workshop on Developing Entreprneurs

I have been a bit behind on my posting, but I have been writing, so please, prepare for an influx of postings from me!!

Throughout my internship with the Babson-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Center, (BREC), I have had a changing set of job responsibilities, based on filling the gap of what was needed for projects to progress. There are two main projects I worked on, and continue to work on this summer: planning the logistics for BREC’s Second Workshop for Developing Entrepreneurs, and leveraging social media networks to raise awareness for Global Entrepreneurship Week Rwanda. For the Workshop, my most important role was public relations and administration. I was responsible for contacting all the organizations and individuals BREC has had past relations with to inform them about our upcoming workshop. Initially, this mostly required written communication, but I soon learned that Rwandan culture was far more receptive to phone calls than emails, which resulted in my needing to personally call close to ninety individuals to confirm their attendance. Much of my administrative work required that I manage general RSVP’s, secure panelists for the panelist discussion section of our Workshop, organize panelist biographies, create an invitation for the Workshop, and respond to the needs of the organizations I was communicating with. I was also responsible for creating or editing documents, worksheets, and booklets that will be disseminated at the workshop, and gathering and synthesizing information my supervisors needed for our Workshop presentations.

After several weeks of preparation, our Workshop took place on Tuesday, July 26t, and included over 50 participants from over 30 organizations. My next post will detail my experience at the Workshop.

Regarding Global Entrepreneurship Week, I have begun marketing for GEW Rwanda on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn and will continue to manage these networks as well the Twitter account for GEW Rwanda. This is Rwanda’s first year participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week and since Rwanda’s involvement was spearheaded by BREC, we play a large role in connecting organizations and individuals through marketing. For the past few weeks, I have been collecting GEW event descriptions that BREC intends to market during next week’s Workshop, and organizing related meetings.

Below are the links to the Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter pages:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GEWRwanda

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Global-Entrepreneurship-Week-Rwanda-4014026

Twitter: twitter.com/GEWRwanda