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The Wizarding World of TONY

The past few weeks at Time Out New York have kept me quite busy!  I am loving the city life and my internship allows me to fully embrace the city that never sleeps.

In the past week I have done a few interesting and new things at my internship.  Last week Daniel Radcliffe, to those living under a rock, that is the actor who plays Harry Potter, came into my work!  It was all very hush hush due to the fact that while he was in the building no one could let the public know.  TONY did an interview and photo shoot with Mr. Radcliffe and I had the chance to witness it!  Being a huge Potter fan of both the books and movies, seeing him in real life was quite the treat! Keep your eyes out in the near future for the Harry Potter exclusive.

Along with my usual jobs of contacting contest winners, researching events around the city to broadcast and updating TONY files, I have also become an important contributor to the NBC & CBS Best Bets segment airing every Saturday morning.  As I helped out in the past replying to e-mails and phone calls, I now am in charge of putting together the line up and making sure the segment is successful.

Working at TONY has only made my experience living in the city that much better.  Instead of always wondering what I will do with myself during the week nights and weekends, I am now in the know about all the hot spots in town.  My love for marketing has also blossomed since starting my internship.  Not only has my work widened my education of the field, but the countless people I have connected with have given me a real idea of what marketing consists of.

This past weekend was one of the biggest weekends of the summer in NYC.  Thanks to my internship, 4th of July weekend was a great success and I knew exactly where to get the best view of the Macy’s 4th of July Fire

The next few weeks of July are packed with fun and exciting events for me, so I look forward to sharing them with you!

Kelly Walsh