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Connections Pay Off

Communication Pays Off

It has almost been the second week of my internship and I have found the power of communicating, really pays off. ..Literally! During my internship with the finance team, I found out recently that the CFO works right next to me, just a table away. Occasionally he would give me a few checks to right up and I he was impressed by my neat handwriting and quick turnaround period of finishing his work.As nerdy as it may sound I particularly enjoy numbers and solving problems in excel, something that was involved in writing the checks.

The next day he came up to me and asked if I would do a project on the side for him. Although I knew I was not particularly being paid for my work, I did not mind taking up extra work. I am the type of person that would rather have more work than nothing to do. It bores me when I have nothing to do except sit on the computer and stall. I took up the project and he said he would get back to me the next week.

The following week he set me up and briefed me about the project. I also had to meet with my supervisor who was in charge of me for my original internship. Since this extra project was in part of the original agreement, I would be paid for the days working on the project.I more than happy to do the project with no pay, but getting paid was an extra bonus I found attractive (Who doesn’t like money?)

This post was simply to talk about how communication, doing the work assigned, and not procrastinating on the job are tasks that help you be noticed around the office. I feel that while working with the CFO with these small tasks he assigned me I slowly grew a professional relationship with him and allowed to move up in the company.

This is something I would always recommend, I have found this by personal experience and through others, communicating with people is very helpful. Especially at work, I feel that during your first week you should get to know many of the people around the office and just say who you are and about yourself and the next time to meet them, it is much easier to speak to them. I have been in situations where I have been working for months and I never got to know the people near me and it turned out that some of those people were important in the company and great people to know. You should never turn down opportunities like that and never be scared to face new challenges.

– Sushant