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4 Tips for Success!

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend the Center for Women’s Leadership at Babson sponsored 30 lucky ladies to attend the annual intercollegiate Women in Business Conference! (http://www.huwib.org/ibc/keynotes.html). I was fortunate enough to hear wise worlds from 3 fabulous women: Marissa Meyer – VP of Search Products at Google, Lauren Merkin – Entrepreneur (Lauren Merkin Handbags), and my personal favorite, Kate White – Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Kate White was a true inspiration, and WOW was she funny!! Her keynote at the conference was based around 4 Tips for Success in your career, but I think can be applied to your college search as well:

Go Big or Go Home
Put all your energy into what you want. Break the rules. Feel the pain. It won’t go unnoticed. Keep in mind this is particularly difficult if you are multitasking, or trying to manage multiple goals. Pick the one you want most and go for it!

Don’t Believe Everything You Think
There is a lot to learn. Do some research. Get a second opinion. Some of the best ideas come from the outside in. Do things you’ve never done before! You just might get a new inspiration.

Drain the Swamp as you Slay the Alligators
This is Kate’s way of saying: keep the big picture in mind as you focus on the task at hand. Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of an activity that we forget the end goal. Take a step back and ask, “what am I trying to do?” Always focus on where you should go next.

ASK for What You Want!
Even if they know you want it. Being vocal is key. As Kate said, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. This is especially useful for getting a higher salary, promotion, or admission! You want Babson? LET US KNOW! We’ll hear you.

I personally am trying to use these tips in my job search, but I love that they can be applied to any life situation. Kate White is all about being proactive and determined, while keeping a sense of humor and vivid personality. It’s all about getting noticed. Good luck to all EA and ED applicants with a deadline in a few days!

All the best,