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Next stop: 中国(zhong guo, China)!

The BRIC team said goodbye to St. Petersburg last Friday and spent a brutal 17 hours traveling to Shanghai through Moscow. Instead of a line to re-check our bags at the Moscow airport, we found a mosh-pit of humanity and we won’t ever reclaim those two hours of our lives lost fighting our way to the front. Professor Kelley’s lesson during orientation on culture differences came in handy. Which picture represents the Russian policy of queueing? Now we know…

We also know that the same policy applies in China, and this time we are prepared! Just two days after arriving, we visited the Shanghai World Expo and counted ourselves among the half a million visitors that visit each day! Students loved it and queued up to visit just some of the country pavilions and get their Expo passport stamped.

In line for Kazakhstan

In “line” for Kazakhstan

Everyone is excited to be in China and time is already flying by. Just this week, we’ve met Chinese students, visited AmCham and Boasteel (a steel manufacturing plant), and now students are busy exploring our new city and finding opportunities for entrepreneurship. Hello China!