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A wider world

This post was written by undergraduate student Derek Hansen ‘12.

At the start of our fourth and final week in St. Petersburg (can you believe it!?) the BRIC team seems at ease with their new, temporary home. The city is no longer something we must struggle against (whether it is to find a decent place to eat or to figure out how the metro works) but has instead been transformed into a slightly run-down, yet still beautiful, expansive metropolis teaming with all the kinds of opportunities one would expect from Russia’s second largest municipality. Over the past week, more and more people have been spending more and more time off island, travelling well beyond the familiar Vasilievsky prospects in search of new and exciting ways to experience ‘our’ city.

Some have been drawn to Petersburg’s high streets for a little shopping…

FC Zenit store on Nevsky

…others to spend time with new friends…

Lauren and Sasha out on the town

…all have enjoyed a little culture…

Nina and Ish pose before curtain time at the Mariinsky

…and things are looking up as our time in St. Petersburg ends.