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Getting Older isn’t so Bad… Yet

Hi guys! My name is Rayshawn Whitford and I’m a junior here at Babson and “The Junior” here at Undergraduate Admissions! I’m concentrating in Strategic Management and Leadership and I’m proud to be a Diversity Leadership Scholar. Aside from academics I’m a member of Origins of Necessary Equality, the Class of 2012 Steering Committee, the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Day Planning Committee, Babson’s Black Student Union as well as a former Community Unity Educator, FME Mentor, and the former treasurer of Babson Students for Barack Obama.

I’ve got to admit that the transition from being a sophomore to a junior has been way more intense than the transition between freshman and sophomore years. Some things came much easier (moving in only took half an hour and my room was actually put together within the first day of being on campus a serious step-up from the week it took last year), some things were a lot harder (after a summer of interning I had to switch a number of my courses to better fit my future career goals) and some things didn’t change at all (it was great to see my suite mates, and be a part of the non-stop, energetic atmosphere that is Babson College again). But in the end the beauty of being one year older is that I understand the campus better than I did a year ago and that I can show the incoming freshman how things work here at Babson.

Another benefit of being an upperclassman is I now get to look back on my first two years at Babson. They’ve been the best two years of my life. I absolutely LOVE Babson, I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better college for me. Where else can you run a company, take a trip down to Washington D.C. to witness a historic presidential inauguration, and go to South Africa all in your first year? Needless to say my experiences at Babson have really helped me to realize what my passions are and the faculty and staff have helped me figure out how to turn those passions into a career. I’m glad to say that This is My Babson and I hope one day you get the chance to say that This is Your Babson.

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