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Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, for most readers, that is a song that you are going to need to google…. For us that grew up in the 90s, it was a hot hit.  It is still an awesome song as most music from the 90s still is.

But, isn’t that an appropriate theme for this time of year?  Summer is great.  I personally had a great summer.  Here at Babson, we hosted almost 900 admission officers and college counselors at a lobster bake as part of the annual OACAC conference.  Many of the college counselors were visiting campus for the first time (as they are from around the world!) and commented on how great it was to actually see the campus where their former students live.  Despite a torrential downpour, it was a fantastic evening!

I also had the chance to visit my favorite island, Nantucket.  My husband and I really love this place.  In fact, we named our golden retriever Cisco after one of the beaches here.  Any time I can spend here makes me happy! I went to the beach a lot, and life could not have been better.

But now, September brings us back to reality.  There is school to attend for all of you students, and we admission officers prepare to head to all of you at your high schools during the months of September and October.

We kicked off our first day of school last week here at Babson with the “From Day One” initiative. Instead of heading to class, students participated in a day of community engagement activities, including on- and off-campus service projects, round table discussions with corporate social responsibility leaders from 10 companies, ate at the Babson Sustainable Kitchen dinner, and heard from keynote speakers Ron and Arnie Koss, founders of Earth’s Best Organic foods.

Clearly, we on campus were very excited to have our students back.  Check out the Undergraduate School in action!

I guess reality is not so bad!