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Lunch time

Interesting tidbit about my office.

So…my office, which is small, has a full kitchen and employs a very skilled cook, who makes fabulous meals.  Lunch every day is in the office, where our MD and other partners have lunch with clients, and where the rest of the office eats lunch daily.

You say…you bring clients to your office to eat lunch, and don’t take them out to a fancy restaurant.

The reasoning…Buffalo is a relatively small city, with a shrinking business community, where most everyone in senior positions in the community knows each other.  Thus, when going out to lunch in Buffalo or the surrounding area (to one of the limited extremely nice lunch places), you will inevitably see another businessman you know. Now, in the arena of investment banking, much of the early stages and negotiations come in private, and for much of the initial process you don’t want people to know you are in the process, or are exploring the idea, of selling your business.  If you are out eating lunch with a senior banker, people may talk, and that is no good.  So clients eat lunch at the office.

…And they love it, and can’t wait to come back

I will say it was one of the nicer perks of working in the office.