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So…..I met Obama

So this second internship of mine is turning out to be something else. I am working for a non-profit organization in there Marketing and Communications department. While this is a great experience and I am learning sooooo much, the hours are crazy (8-14 hr long days) and the workload is ENORMOUSSSS. But, this is the price we must pay to be the best I guess!

Recently, my company paid for all of the interns to go to Washington D.C. for a week in order to help them put on their Annual Conference. I was responsible for Speaker Management and my duties basically boiled down to one thing…speaker concierge. Our conference had many notable and influential individuals as speakers, and I was given a phone by my company and told to be available 24/7; and they meant it! I would have to do anything from book last minute travel arrangements for some speakers, to get other speakers’ guests on VIP lists for our events…you name it and I did it.

The best part of the week was when President Obama came to speak at our Conference! It was such a great experience to get to hear him speak in person and I even got to shake his hand! Now I am back from this week long marathon and ready to recuperate. Talk to you soon!