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Class of 2014 – Let’s Get Started

Every year at graduation, I find it hard to believe how students (in this case the class of 2010) who have made such an impact during their four years at Babson can be replaced. However, every year it happens, and we are fortunate that a new class arrives to fill the void left by the departing class. So now we turn our attention to the Babson class of 2014.

I am looking forward to meeting the new members of the Babson community and discovering the energy they will bring to Babson. I have already met many members of the class at Basically Babson and other college functions. I have also interacted with some students on Twitter and Facebook.

During the summer months, the class will continue to take shape. Students will meet roommates, register for classes, complete all the required paperwork and anxiously await the first day of Orientation on August 27th 2010 when the college experience begins in earnest.

To the Babson class of 2014 – it is time to get started.