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Invitation to Visit this Spring

Last weekend, the first day of spring coincided with 70 degree temperatures in Boston. If you’ve never been to Boston in the spring, you really must come. Actually, if you’re also beginning your college search, there’s no time like the present. Campus is brimming with visitors – both newly admitted students to the Class of 2014 and prospective students just beginning the college search process.

Yesterday, I met with a family from Philadelphia who remarked how different Babson is from all of the other colleges they are visiting this week. They explained that they grew up in the States, lived in Italy for a number of years, and now study at a boarding school with a richly diverse population. The young man looking at Babson now is looking for a globally-diverse environment that will allow him to more fully appreciate the perspectives of classmates from around the world. (With a first-year class that is 26% international – from 42 countries world-wide, we fulfilled that parameter.)

Upon returning from the tour, his younger sister, a high school freshman, proclaimed, “no question – this is where I’m coming!” She couldn’t believe that Babson provides all students with the opportunity to run a business in your very first year of college. She was impressed with the many outlets Babson provides its students to think how their business education can not only make a better life for them, but also make a better world, in the process. One of Babson’s new emphases on social entrepreneurship may have you dissecting how you can impact the developing economies in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, provide you with the chance to volunteer in Rwanda or Ghana, or at the very least, take part in conversations with key business leaders in the field.

As you begin your college search – or finalize it next month – I invite you to see for yourself how Babson can shape your future, and to include Babson College in your travel plans. We will kick off our series of Spring Preview Days this Sunday, and offer a wide array of other visiting opportunities throughout the spring and summer. I look forward to seeing you soon.