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It looks like folders have taken over my office

Well, I have not written a post in quite some time.  My travel season ended up well with a great last week in northern New Jersey.  I visited lots of great schools, and my college roommate and her family.  Kerrie, my college roommate, has a two year old son, Kyle.  In between school visits, Kyle and I played with his new Handy Manny toolbox that I gave him for his birthday.  As you can surmise, it was an all around great week!

Since I returned at the end of October, I have been in full swing with application review.  I read all files from New Jersey, India, Africa and Europe.  I also coordinate transfer admission here at Babson with the help of both Michael and Christine.  November means one thing for me- application reading.  It is my favorite part of my work as I love learning about students and why they have chosen to apply to Babson.  However, it makes November slightly overwhelming.  I am reading applications for three separate processes- transfer, early decision and early action. 

Now that December has rolled around, the files are read, but the folders have over my office.  In fact, it looks like Godzilla threw up folders all over my office.  I wish I had a camera so that I could show you a picture of what it looks like. We are working on making final decisions for first years, and I am working on credit evaluations for transfer admits.  Thus, there are folders in bins, on my desk, in my desk, you name it!