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On the Road Again

At this time tomorrow, I will be landing at Heathrow, readying myself for the first leg of my European journey.  I have read applications from the UK for the past three admission cycles, but I have yet to visit these schools.  Needless to say, I am quite excited to visits with students at TASIS, the American School of London and Southbank International School.

Of course, I am tying up loose ends here at the office before I head out for the day.  There are intern meetings to plan, transfer application review days to set and emails to answer.  But, they are all good problems to have.  I love this busy time of the year.

One thing I have not had time to do is plan where I will run in London.  As many blog readers know, I fancy myself as quite the runner.  So, as soon as I am at the Marriot, I am sure I will be logging on to the British version of mapmyrun.com to see where I should venture to.