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Reflections from the Road

Well, I survived my first week of travel.  New Jersey treated me well, and I was excited by how many students I saw at schools despite the fact it was the first true week of school.  Visiting you all at your high schools is one of my favorite parts of my work.  I enjoy meeting the faces of applications that I will read, and I love learning about the schools that you attend.

I also had a chance to reflect upon the types of questions that students had during our meetings.  What types of classes are offered to first years?  Do I really get to run my own business as part of the curriculum?  What is the campus community like? Each student I met had so many queries about life at Babson, demonstrating that they truly are engaged in the college search process.

On a less serious note, I had a new discovery this week- Satellite Radio.  It was installed in my rental car, and it was pure heaven for this traveling admission officer.  I am from the Northeast remember, so ten country stations was complete bliss! (Please, I know…. it is a corny fact about me.  I love country music, almost as much as I love my golden retriever Cisco!)

Week One down, and now two more trips to go.  I cannot wait to see what other topics come up!