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On the Road Again….

I am sitting at my desk this Friday morning thinking that the inevitable is about to happen. It is the last morning for this academic year that I will not be thinking about applicants, essays and where the closest Starbucks is. And though I look forward to it, I dread it as well.  Once travel season begins, the whole admission cycle kicks into gear.  The relaxed nature of the summer is over. There is simply no turning back once travel season begins!

I have been not really thinking about it.  Although my colleage James left for Asia on Tuesday, it was almost as if it was a continuation of summer, and he was simply out on vacation.  But yesterday, our intern Shanna set up Skype on my computer.  Courtney, another colleague, and I spoke to James via Skype just after he woke up in Korea.  It started to settle in- travel season was here! That will be me contacting my colleagues from far away lands in about two weeks.

For now, I will be traveling stateside. So today, I am like Santa Claus, packing my bags and checking my list.  I have the inquiry pieces tucked into my Babson LL Bean bag. Lee, my intern, is making sure I have all my addresses correct on my agenda.  The rental car agency called to confirm my car pickup today.  ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Next week, James, Courtney, Christine, Kim, Michael and myself will all be out traveling.

Monday, I will have my first visit of the year at the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in New Jersey.  I am looking forward to my week in the Princeton area, as there are many great schools and even more great friends in the area.  Stay posted for updates from travel- I am sure I will have many observations!