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Summer Reading: Three Cups of Tea

The summer reading committee selected the book Three Cups of Tea, by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson to be read by our entering students this summer.  I  just finished the book last week and I believe it was a great choice for our students.  We plan to discuss this book with the entering students as part of an activity at the conclusion of New Student Orientation on August 31st 2009. 

The book was inspiring and informative.  I feel better educated about a region of the world that I was not very familiar with.  I also developed a great respect for the patience, determination and ingenuity that Greg Mortenson possessed in order to accomplish his goals of raising money and building the many schools.  I was also impressed that the book did not hesitate to outline the mistakes that were made along the way and how Greg was able to learn from them. 

For the remainder of the summer, I will consider how to incorporate the ideas and lessons from this book into the first year at Babson.  I am looking forward to some great discussion on this book and hearing from the author David Oliver Relin on August 31st.