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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Boston

Cead Mille Failte! For those of you not fluent in Gaelic, that is a hundred thousand welcomes!  We begin the countdown to what is an unofficial holiday here in the Boston area- Saint Patrick’s Day.

Here in Massachusetts, we take the Irish influence in the area very seriously.  (Did you ever hear of our NBA team, the Boston Celtics?)  Throughout this weekend in the area, various events will take place to celebrate this holiday.  Last night, U2 played a surprise concert for 900 lucky fans at the Somerville theatre. The Dropkick Murphys will play a six day, seven show stand at the House of Blues starting tonight. (If you are trying the place them, think of the movie The Departed.) Walk around any area of Boston and suburban downtwons all weekend long and one is sure to hear Celtic music coming from within.

St. Patrick’s Day reminds me of why I love being a native Bostonian.  The entire city comes out to celebrate being Boston, regardless of ethnicity or religion. We are proud of our immigrant roots, and this weekend gives us the opportunity to celebrate it.

My main event for the weekend is the annual South Boston parade.  It has been a family tradition for many years, as my father grew up right on the parade route and my uncle now owns the family house.  After my long run in the morning, I will head into Southie for the events.  My little sister now lives in Southie, so I will head to her house for breakfast!  I hope that she makes green pancakes to get us in the spirit!