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Who doesn’t love reality television?

Even our professors are tuned into popular culture!  Check out the course description for this Babson course.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Challenge – Success or You Are Fired! — a new course with a structure similar to Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” TV show. Students will be divided into teams and compete for ten weeks to determine the ultimate winner.

The assignments will be based on actual case studies with the entrepreneurs involved in that particular case present in class to judge the students on their ideas. The entrepreneur will discuss the students’ input and the students will be graded with “success points” for great ideas and “you’re fired” minus points for input that would not make it in the real world.

Details: It will be open to both graduate and undergraduate students who possess “out of the box thinking” abilities and are creative and want to be successful entrepreneurs.

  • The class will utilize the case method and have the entrepreneurs involved in the cases, as guests.
  • The class will utilize teams that will be in direct competition with each other.

Subjects to be covered: 
1. Starting and Growing a Business
2. Creating the Entrepreneurial Team
3. Obtaining Capital
4. Selecting the Right Management Style for Yourself
5. Negotiations
6. Ethics
7. Eureka Ranch Creativity
8. Financial Analysis and Tax Planning
9. Guerrilla Marketing
10. Succession
11. Harvesting