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I am in the process of picking courses for next year and am torn between taking AP Stats or AP Calculus – do you recommend one versus the other? John: Scotch Plains, NJ


John, thanks for your question.  I am happy to assist you as you make your course selection for next year.  I regularly meet with faculty members from the various divisions here at Babson.  Coincidentally, I met with the faculty in the Math & Science Division yesterday and I brought your question.  They reconfirmed what we’ve been recommending to students like you who are trying to make the same decision.


Because our first-year students take both Calculus and Statistics in their first year at Babson, the minimum level of math an incoming student must have taken is pre-calculus.  Students with a solid grasp of pre-calculus fundamentals do very well in our first-year math program.  Given the high talent level of applicants to Babson, many of the students in our applicant pool have taken pre-calculus in their junior year, as you have.  Therefore, in your senior year, either AP Stats or AP Calculus (or the honors/college prep level course if your school doesn’t offer AP’s) would be viewed favorably in our process, without a preference for one over the other.  I would advise you to take the course you are most interested in taking, knowing that both will prepare you well for your first year at Babson.


Best wishes to you as you continue your college search and we hope to see you on campus sometime soon.


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