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I sent my application in, but I’m not sure if it’s been received – how do I check?

All Babson applicants are issued a “My Babson” account, which allows them to check the status of their applications, learn more about the Babson Community, and eventually view their decisions on-line when they are posted in March.

If you have not yet logged into your “My Babson” account or if you’ve forgotten your username and password, please e-mail us at ugradadmission@babson.edu and we will send your information.  For security purposes, please send your e-mail from the e-mail account you listed on your application.

Please note that we have received thousands of applications (more than 4,100 to date) in the past two weeks and more continue to trickle in each day.  Even with our nonstop processing efforts, it takes us a few weeks to enter all of these credentials into our database.  Therefore, when you log in, it is possible that we have not yet recorded some of your application credentials you have sent.  We ask you to be patient and encourage you to periodically check your account in the coming weeks.  If by early February you still see that there are missing credentials listed on your account, please feel free to contact us and we can double-check your records.  There will still be a small window of time to resend a credential in the event it was not received.

Thank you for your patience and best wishes in the weeks to come.

P.S. On an unrelated note, did anyone happen to catch President Schlesinger’s YouTube response to Tina Fey’s Golden Globe comments?   

To submit a question for Dean Gosselin, please send an e-mail entitled “ASK THE DEAN” to ugradadmission@babson.edu.