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End of the year–> Bittersweet

It has been so crazy over the last couple of weeks. I went on Thanksgiving break, I had my the Dance show, then finals, now I am luckily done! Being a senior has its benefits (ex: not very many finals…more take homes and projects). But I’m not exactly super happy that im off to break. Here’s why:

It makes me realize I have one more semester left!

Babson has been an unreal, unbelievable experience for me. There has been bad times where I almost failed a class and good times where I’ve recieved Dean’s List. The memories will last forever. From dancing on stage, to playing rugby, to working, or just hanging with my friends…AHHH ok no more sappy stuff….

In other news…i just received word that I got an offer for a Spring Internship at this ad agency in Boston! Woohoo! Hopefully I can fit this into my busy life schedule. O here is a pic from our dance show. I’m in the back of this tall dude for this part so you cant really see me. But i will show a video of a dance i was in where i played Scooby Doo! It was a lot of fun!!!! Enjoy the video (if the link doesn’t work , let me know) …if you have any questions about dancing, academics, or just anything…send me an email at jdiaz2@babson.edu

O ok one more thing:

Me and my boyfriend mae 3 1/2 years last week! Yes folks…you can find love at college! Shoutout to my bf Fabian Muahhh