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Standardized Tests and Applying Early

This weekend, I returned from a week’s recruitment trip in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  It was great to see such a high level of excitement in each location, as I met more than 100 students and counselors during the week’s trip.  One common question I received was whether we would be able to consider test scores taken in November or December for students applying under our Early Action or Early Decision programs.

The Admission Committee can only commit to reviewing test scores taking prior to our application deadlines.  Therefore, for those applying ED or EA (deadline November 1st) we can only guarantee to review scores taken through the October administration date.  While we will review November SAT, ACT, or TOEFL scores if they arrive prior to our review of your application, this is unlikely.

Therefore, if you feel that November test scores will significantly improve the strength of your application, you may want to consider waiting until Regular Decision.  Once rendered, admission decisions cannot be overturned or re-evaluated as a result of new academic credentials.  In short, students should apply when they feel their applications are best representative of their performance and potential.

Best wishes to those of you who are putting the final touches on your early applications this week.

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