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Simon Kucher – Consultant

The following information was obtained from a survey of  Babson students following recent on campus interviews.

Position: Consultant

Number of Interviewers: 1

·         Interviewers: An alum, junior executive, consultant

Types of Questions:

·         Behavioral: 78%

·         Case: 100%

How difficult was the interview:

·         “Difficult”: 89%

·         “It was okay”:11%

How friendly were your interviewers:

·         Easy Going: 11%

·         Tough, but not bad: 44%

·         Friendly: 44%

Information Sessions:

·         Yes, offered

What resources did you use to prepare for this interview:

·         Vault guides: 33%

·         Company website: 78%

·         CCD Website: 67%

·         Horn Resources:22%

·         Google: 67%

·         Wikipedia: 22%

·         Consulting books

·         EBSCOhost

·         Alumni directory

After the interview, did you feel you had a better understanding of the position you were applying for:

·         Yes: 78%

·         No: 11%

After the interview, how interested were you in the company:

·         More interested: 33%

·         About the Same: 56%

Did you have any prior contact with people from this organization:

·         Information Session

·         Alumni

What questions did you ask the interviewer:

·         Culture, hierarchy, traveling time

·         On your website, it says that 23 years after its inception BCG had 308 consultant, SKP has over 400 now, how do you view the growth and vision of SKP?

·         SKP is really viewed as an industry authority with a fair amount of thought leadership coming out of the firm.  Are you exposed to the thought leadership being developed and how close are you contributing to it?

·         Can you give me an internal view on how your company operates on projects?

General Comments

·         The different style of approaching a case interview.  In this case, the interviewer wanted to asked the right questions with no assumptions from my side

·         I interviewed for an MBA position, I would feel more comfortable if I had been interviewed by a senior professional, rather than a junior consultant

·         The interview was slightly awkward, I don’t think he had much interviewing experience because he asked his questions in an indirect format, this made the case appear more complicated than it really was