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Ernst & Young – Various Positions

The following information was obtained from a survey of  Babson students following recent on campus interviews.

Position: YMP/Transaction/Assurance

Number of Interviewers: 1

·         Interviewers: An alum, senior executive, partner 

Types of Questions:

·         Behavioral: 100%

How difficult was the interview:

·         “Walk in the Park”: 33%

·         “It was okay”:33%

·         “Easy”: 33%

How friendly were your interviewers:

·         Easy Going: 67%

·         We were total BFF: 17%

·         Friendly: 17%

Information Sessions:

·         None Offered

What resources did you use to prepare for this interview:

·         Vault guides: 17%

·         Company website: 83%

·         CCD Website: 33%

·         Horn Resources:17%

·         Career Connections: 50%

·         Google: 50%

·         Wikipedia: 17%

After the interview, did you feel you had a better understanding of the position you were applying for:

·         Yes: 50%

·         No: 33%

After the interview, how interested were you in the company:

·         More interested: 33%

·         About the Same: 17%

·         Less interested: 33%

Did you have any prior contact with people from this organization:

·         Career Fair

·         Resume Critique Night

·         Information Session

·         Friend

·         Alumni

·         Internet

What questions did you ask the interviewer:

·         Internship specific

·         What kind of responsibilities an intern will have

·         What kinds of things we will be trained on

·         What sets E&Y apart from the other Big 4

General Comments:

·         Don’t be nervous and have a list of stories ready to elaborate on experience

·         Weird situation as it was almost difficult to get a word in with the interviewer.  Doubt it happens often as the person in question was somewhat new to the process, but I was caught very off guard as I was not prepared for that and had never been given any advice on how to handle that type of rare situation