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Returning Home

Hello readers!  I am back from traveling in New Jersey.  Although I enjoyed my time in the Garden State, I am enjoying the moments of peace before the application deadline of November 1!  I know Grant, our Dean of Undergraduate Admission and trusty leader, has been asnwering questions for all of you.  I hope these have been helpful; keep the questions coming!

As many of you start to finalize your transfer, ED and EA applications, I am entering my period of preparation before application reading season begins.  As the transfer coordinator at Babson, I meet with senior staff here to discuss our goals for this cycle.  I am also starting (just starting!) to look at where my early applications for freshmen will fall. For me, this is “the most wonderful time of the year”.  My FAVORITE part of my job is reading your applications and learning about you all.  I am anxious to get going and start to learn about all the students whom I have met in the office and on the road.

On another note, the fun never stops!  This past weekend, I came back to MA and joined Brian Rodkey, an admission intern, and  Courtney Leahy, Assistant Director, here on campus.  We ran in the Cruickshank 5K race which benefits the Babson Habitat for Humanity Chapter among other things.  It was great!  I am proud to say that I beat both Brian and Court  (Full disclosure- Brian’s younger brother whooped me!), but even prouder to share with you all that it was Court’s first 5K and she did FANTASTIC!  I love seeing my friends set goals and achieve them!  Once we get the picture from the race we will post it.

Best of luck as you work on your applications!  Keep it real!