Undergraduate Blog / Admission

This is your blog

Welcome to your Babson blog.  Over the course of the coming year, I’ll be using my blog space to address questions from you, our applicants.  Since this is “your Babson blog,” I thought it would be important for you to be able to drive the content of this section.


Therefore, if you have questions about the admission process, campus life, or anything Babson related, please send an e-mail entitled “ASK THE DEAN” to ugradadmission@babson.edu.  Each week, I will choose one entry for public posting and I or a member of my staff will address all inquiries not posted on the site.


Thank you for your interest in Babson – I look forward to assisting you as you explore, connect, and make it happen.

To submit a question for Dean Gosselin, please send an e-mail entitled “ASK THE DEAN” to ugradadmission@babson.edu.