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The Lewis Institute

The Power of Downtime

By Irene Laochaisri, Babson Undergraduate Student and Scholar at The Lewis Institute. Downtime can be a rich fountain for the much needed productive non-productivity. Those few hours a day each week set aside for everything but school, meetings, or work of any kind are opportunities for growth and reflection. Here are a few ways downtime…

The Lewis Institute

10 FME Good Business Fridays Takeaways

By Irene Laochaisri and Katherine Hendrickson, Babson Undergraduate Students and Undergraduate Scholars at The Lewis Institute. On Friday Sept 12th we kicked off Good business Fridays with a conversation about how good business practices can be integrated into FME businesses to maximize their potential. Here are our top 10 take-aways from that discussion: 1. Get…

The Lewis Institute

My Friday Morning Routine

By Irene Laochaisri, Babson Undergraduate Student and Intern at The Lewis Institute. The typical Babson student doesn’t have any classes on a Friday morning. As a result, Thursday evenings have become our equivalent of Friday nights, and our Friday mornings are usually dedicated to a deliciously satisfying amount of sleeping in. Many students take advantage…