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Nishant Udeshi

Four Reasons to be in Boston this Summer

“All classes and events beginning after 3:00pm or later will be closed / cancelled” reads the email from Public Safety. It’s the first snow-day of the season and as I turn the heater a few degrees warmer, I can’t help but think about my first summer in Boston. Don’t get me wrong, winter in Boston…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

The Power of Research

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Disha Sethi ‘20. How often do you check your phone? And surf on your laptop? If you cannot think of a number at the top of your head, chances are the answer is A LOT. Most of the time you spent on these devices is counterproductive.…

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Donna Sosnowski

Auditions, The New Job Interview: Have You Rehearsed?

Believe it or not, spring is around the corner, less than a month away. Our employer partners are springing into action, seeking talent on the Babson campus.  Don’t miss an opportunity to be in front of 55+ employers, on campus, next Thursday, February 28th. Now is the time to focus, gather information, develop an action plan…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Stress Management

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Pranjal Joshi ‘19. A Babson student seemingly deals with stress on a consistent basis, may it come from classes, projects, group work, job search, relationships, business ventures, etc. Being in a high stress environment is no one’s choice but sometimes we cannot avoid it, especially as…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

The STAR Method

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Rumeer Keshwani ‘20. The STAR method is an ideal way to phrase specific experiences on your resume. Often times when people are describing professional experiences, leadership positions or community service events, they often fall prey to the trap of not being descriptive enough. There are a…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Tips to Ace a Behavioral Interview

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Shreya Shah ‘20. Interview Season is here! As you start preparing, I want to provide you with some guidance on how to ace behavioral interviews that has helped me in the past. These are some tips and tricks on behavioral interviews for most industries. 1) Research…

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The Lewis Institute

16 Books to Inspire How We Finance the Future

At The Lewis Institute, we’ve been having a lot of deep conversations about financing the future. Here are some excellent books for thinking about the true purpose of capital, understanding the unintended consequences of philanthropy, and exploring new (and sometimes radical) ideas and frameworks for financing. A special shoutout to entrepreneur-in-residence Sara Minard for not…

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Graduate Center for Career Development

Babson Team Shines at Venture Capital Investment Competition

By: Ryo Takizawa (MBA ‘19), Zoya Alim (MBA ‘19), Linh Le (MBA ‘19), Mia Di Stefano (MBA ‘19), and Alex Green (MBA ‘19) As the premier global institution for entrepreneurship, Babson has taught us the mechanics of entrepreneurship. The New England Regional VCIC competition both provided us with an opportunity to use our entrepreneurial learnings…

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The Glavin Office

Glavin Office Student Spotlight: Melissa Denizard

The student that was showcased on this month’s Student Spotlight is Melissa Denizard… Where is your hometown/country? I was born in Mirebalais, Haiti. I now live in Spring Valley, NY. What’s one assignment/project that you are currently or working on that you are excited about? Currently, I am working on an independent study along with a…

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