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Kyaw Thant

A Journey of Opportunities

As a senior in Babson College looking back to where I was four years ago, I never thought I would change and grow so much in such a short amount of time. The core of my personal development over the past few years is learning to shape my own destiny. While this may sound like…

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Babson MBA student puts entrepreneurship to work by helping reduce hidden hunger in Colombia Although job creation is one of the most important benefits an entrepreneur brings to society, it is not the only one. Sometimes, entrepreneurs start businesses that are focused both on profits and on improving the quality of life of the people…

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Yerim Kim

Rebranding and Telling Your Story

On March 10, Brianna Stiklickas’15, founder and CEO of Meet Eugene, joined the Butler Venture Accelerator program for a peer to peer session on her story of rebranding the company and different wants to tell your story effectively. Meet Eugene is an exotic pet food company that currently focuses on pet foods for hedgehog. Stiklickas said that…

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Teaching entrepreneurship in El Salvador

The morning teaching group decided to teach the basic concepts of accounting. We explained the debits and credits involved in the various assets, liabilities, and equity accounts. Since this was the most complex concept we have covered thus far it took a decent amount of activities and examples to get our points across in a…

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Alternative Spring Break: El Salvador

Monday: Monday, the 16th of March, was our first day of work. We all woke up around 6am, had breakfast at 6.30am and left for the village in Ahuachapan around7.30am. There, some of us first bought some jewelries, aprons or other items made by the women of the co-op. Coffee was definitely the most popular product! We could either…

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Ashni Shah

India Conference at Harvard 2015

With the change of a ruling party after a decade, a sentimental shift has taken place in India in the last one year . The country of India has been splashed with renewed optimism, confidence and hunger for change. The India conference at Harvard was a nice wrap up of the challenges that India now…

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