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The Last Day of Work Blues

Today is my last day interning for Viacom, and I find it to be a very bittersweet experience. As I made my way to work this morning I found myself in deep thought as I reminisced about all the great times that I’ve had working this summer, and all the great people I have met…

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Seeing the Jewelry

This week at work (week 6), I finally had the opportunity to learn about the jewelry and its production process. The tassel necklaces takes 10 hours of labor because they are hand beaded using a process that makes them impressively durable. The beads are made of hematite and some are polished to be shiny or…

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4 Weeks In

This is my second blog since I’ve been at my internship for 4 weeks now. I am learning so much and I feel very inspired. My boss has allowed me to work with programs like Hootesuite, MailChimp and Square space. I am learning so much about email marketing by making newsletters and social media marketing…

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Emily Besen

Eshika’s Return to India

I caught up with rising sophomore Eshika Agarwal from Hyderabad, India for her thoughts on what it’s like returning to India after a year of studies in the U.S. Here, she reflects on differences in the workplace, educational systems, and¬†societal expectations.¬† Eshika writes: “I don’t really know if home has gotten any different, but I…

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Lily Awad

Easing the Employment Puzzle for International Students: An Interview with 2016 Post-Grad Fellows

One of the biggest challenges international students who study in the U.S. face is employment in the U.S. upon completing their degree. According to a recent GMAC Corporate Recruiter Survey, only 25% of U.S. companies have plans to hire and sponsor international workers this year. Reasons for this include the high legal costs associated with…

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A Fashion Stylist Assistant’s Reflection

As I write, I write having already completed my fashion internship. If there was a way I could compile my experience into a page, I totally would but there’s just no way to do that. My takeaways from this experience have far exceeded my expectations and I am beyond grateful for that. In fact, the…

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Meeting Boston Fashion Week’s CEO

I had to take a huge breath before I met him. As I told my inner self that my mind was not lying to me, I finally came to terms with the fact that indeed…my stylist invited me to a meeting I really should not have been allowed to attend, but because of fashion stylist…

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Unexpected Highlight: Fashion Instillation Presentation

Every time I have a new assignment or event, my stylist was always good about notifying me about it. About a month ago I received an email from Terri requesting that I meet her in the city to discuss few important items she and I needed to brain storm for Boston Fashion Week happening the…

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Designer Luke Aaron’s Fashion Show

The more fashion shows I attended, the more I just couldn’t wait to kick-start my career within the fashion industry. I was fortunate enough (again) to be able to attend yet ANOTHER fashion show. This time it was very exclusive, so my stylist found a way to get an extra seat for her assistant (me!).…

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