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Brandon Tomlinson

Social Media, Not Just a Youth Platform

Now that my internship with the Melanoma Foundation of New England is halfway completed, I am focusing more on marketing and PR as opposed to the operations of the sunscreen dispenser program. Working with the Foundation has really opened my eyes to the need to focus on your target market when creating marketing materials. A…

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When I first started at Hope and Comfort, I was the only intern. This had its pros and cons just like everything else. I loved that I was able to work in all areas of the business from sourcing, distribution, and corporate relations.  However, being the only intern was lonely and was very hectic all…

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Emily Denoble

Summer Venture Program Improv!

Larry Coen, an instructor at Babson’s Sorenson Center for the Arts, conducted an interactive workshop  to teach the Summer Venture Program cohort how to apply improvisational techniques to their professional development. Improvisation (or “improv”) is the art of saying yes. That’s the rule. This rule contrasts many real-life situations in which we deflate interactions by…

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Navigating the City

Since I work in New York City sometimes I am sent on errands such as mailing packages at the post office or picking up items at various stores. At first, some of these tasks made me nervous because I am not very familiar with New York City but I have actually gotten a lot better…

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At work, some days it feels easy to get overwhelmed. I enjoy my work but some days there is a lot of it and some tasks take longer than anticipated. In addition, I have an intern project that I am supposed to be working on every day. Some days I come home burnt out because…

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Time Management

As I have been working I have learned a lot about maintaining a new type of schedule. At Babson we have a lot more free time to figure everything out but now I have to learn how to make the most of my minimal free time. I have had to learn how to prioritize certain…

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Giovanna Pickering

Effective Communication in Global Organization

Sony Music’s presence in over 40 countries around the world makes effective communication vital to its success. One of my projects as part of the Global Finance internship program involves standardizing one of the company’s key business processes. In order to standardize, it is essential to outline specific details, make comparisons, and pull information together…

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Jacob Spitz

Challenging the Norm in the Workplace

Referencing a venture capital panel I attended last spring, I recall an investor from China telling the audience about one of his first trips to Israel. He explained that during a company presentation, the two Israeli co-founders started arguing with each other about a minor detail for a short period of time and then went back to…

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George Cleveland

Inventory and Sales!

I had another successful week down in Birmingham interning at State Traditions! The company is upgrading their inventory tracking software and it has been interesting to witness this important pivotal shift. The entire office spent a few days in the warehouse counting product inventory to assure its accuracy in the new system. While counting inventory,…

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Sworn In: NJ Notary Public

My coworker and I walked out of the office and headed to the county clerk’s office in the middle of the day. When we were having dinner together with a couple of other coworkers the other night, the head of the real estate department suggested that we become notary publics. We both applied afterwards, and…

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