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Heatherjean MacNeil

What Makes WIN Lab Unique? A WINning Approach.

Women entrepreneurs are facing a new and intriguing proposition: choosing the right venture accelerator. With the number of accelerator and incubator opportunities for women-led-businesses on the rise, women entrepreneurs must consider what unique elements a venture accelerator can bring to the table and choose the program that best fits their needs. Women Innovating Now (WIN)…

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Anne Mccormack

Calling All Silent Entrepreneurs

Calling all quiet-thinking employees, steady behavioral tendencies, and the introverted extroverts who strive, day after day, to make a lasting impression: I have a question for you. Is there such a thing as a Silent Entrepreneur? Or: If a multi million dollar company falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it,…

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Alessandra Cosimini

Best Tools for Startups

Up until this summer, I had only one experience with a startup, and that was FME. Now, I am working for two startups and so far, it has been a pretty interesting experience. The contrast between working for a corporation versus working for a startup has been insanely different, but I have already learned a…

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How Can You Be Persuasive

With the Summer Venture Showcase coming up on Thursday, July 30, the 2015 Summer Venture Program participants have been getting ready to present their ventures to a large audience of investors, entrepreneurs, service providers, faculty and students. Babson’s Speech Center recently shared some tips on how to be persuasive with your presentation. Everyone can think…

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Vicky Keller

Looking Back: A First Year Career Story

Written by Micah Nelson, Class of 2018 As a first year student at Babson, one of my primary goals was to find a quality internship that would not only allow me to continue learning about business over the summer but also act as a building block for future internships and eventually a career. I began…

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Leslie Moore

My First Informational Interview

Other than an intro to information technology class that I had taken this past semester at Babson, I have not otherwise received any further experience that would enhance my knowledge of the IT industry. That is why I chose to utilize this assignment and reach out to Mary Dolan, the Regional Director of Information Services…

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Alessandra Cosimini

Unpaid Internships Are Worth It

I work really hard at my job. I go in early, leave late, ask everyone in my department if they need help, and if it’s a busy day, I’ll even offer to go get coffee. I take on difficult assignments, easy assignments, and even the really annoying, stereotypical “intern” tasks, like organizing the poster closet…

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Susan Duffy

The Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab

As we prepare to officially announce the third cohort of the Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab and the Lab continues to gain local and national recognition, I wanted to take a moment to provide some information for those interested in learning more about WIN Lab, as well as share a few of our early and…

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Just Ask

By Jennifer Odera, Babson MBA 2015 and founder of T&Co. As a first time entrepreneur working on a food business, I often find myself having big, audacious requests that I have to temper out and stage for my audience. (I’ve always believed, “your dreams aren’t big enough if they don’t scare you” ) In fact,…

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