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Prepare for your Internship Role!

Hi all! Jin here again 🙂 For weeks before the start of my internship, I buried myself at the sewing machine at home. With Youtube tutorials on repeat, I was determined to teach myself the fundamentals of sewing. I wanted to understand how garments were made to prepare myself for the production side of the…

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Emily Denoble

Marsh Carter & Anne Steer Visit

Marsh Carter, former Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and Anne Steer, Head of Distribution at Congress Asset Management, spent time at the Summer Venture Program a couple weeks ago. This was Carter’s seventh year with the Program, and Steer’s second. Both are experienced business leaders, providing unique perspectives and invaluable advice for the…

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Julia Dean

Connecting to Home

A month has passed since I’ve started working at my internship, theChicCulture, a lifestyle magazine focused on providing a platform for the highest quality fashion, food and travel experiences for the fairest prices. In layman’s terms, the business I work for helps you live, eat, and wear your best life. What this consists of as…

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Rachel Greenberger

Two Core Ingredients for Social Innovation

Earlier this year, in breakfast conversation with Social Innovator Award recipient Bill Bolling of the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Mike Brady of Greyston Bakery, a small group of us shared theories of change-making. The stories that Bill and Mike shared threaded through the notion of connectivity and collaboration. One of Bill’s superpowers is his…

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Sophia Zhu

An Essential: Company Culture

I want to be valued at my future company and I want to feel that I am actually contributing to the company. I want opportunities to grow at my future company. I want something I can work up to and earn. The head of production, Shirley, once started at Araks as an intern. She has…

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Carrie Brownstein, Cronyism, and You

Hey there internship blog readers: I will preface this whole thing by saying that the idea that people will want to read what feels essentially like a work-diary is somewhat off-putting.  I understand that what I have to say may be interesting (at times bordering on insightful!) but there is such a woefully large expanse…

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First Impression – NYC Fashion Internship

Hello all! My name is Jin, a rising Senior concentrating in Operations Management. Growing up in a family of seamstresses, I was exposed to fashion at a young age. As a business student, I wanted to explore the business operations behind the fashion world and I’m honored to be interning at Rebecca Taylor, a brand…

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Lee Goldstein

Summer reading for business and entrepreneurs!

Summer reading is no longer just a school assignment. To stay ahead in today’s competitive market, it is important to be well-read. You never know when you’ll have to make small talk, and you don’t want your mind turning to mush over the summer. JP Morgan recently released its 2016 summer reading list, choosing the…

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Babson San Francisco

Week 4: SF Summer Venture Program

Lot’s of happenings @ Babson San Francisco! We had a very eventful week including 3 all star speakers Elliott Adams (Customer Development), Armando Biondi (Growth Strategies), and Dwight Gertz (Decisions), our 5th *Hot Seat*, a Gari focus group, office hours with mentors, and we celebrated IdaRose’s birthday! Elliott, one of our SVP advisors, gave an overview of the business…

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