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Brianna DiPietro

Babson Student Startup: PICCPerfect

Babson Undergraduate student Emily Levy ’16 didn’t let her diagnosis take control of her life – she used it to empower others in similar situations. Here’s her ‘PICC’ perfect story:

Michael Chmura

Undergraduate GAP Students Launch FME Businesses

The 2017 GAP class recently launched their FME businesses at Barefoot Park. Babson’s GAP (Grow, Achieve, Prepare) enrollment option grants incoming students the ability to explore their passions, while participating in a GAP semester.  To abide to the traditional four-year graduation track, these students take a semester’s worth of classes during the summer. As a…

Babson College PR

Featured Student Business: Started Tomorrow

Name of Business: Started Tomorrow Mission/Description: Discover the growing era of entrepreneurship with Started Tomorrow — a blog that brings you the most inspirational stories behind the best young entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our stories will inspire you, encourage you to enact change, help you grow and make this world a better place…

Babson College PR

Featured Summer Venture Program Student Business: Artblix

Name of Business: Artblix Mission/ Description: Artblix connects local artists and artisans to the global market by enabling them to sell their handmade goods online. We are starting with the artists and artisans of Guatemala and plan to grow by incorporating more artists and artisans from around the world. We believe that we can change…

Babson College PR

Featured Student Business: 88 Acres

Name of Business: 88 Acres Mission/ Description: We aim to increase the quality of life for the millions of people directly and indirectly affected by food allergies by providing healthy and delicious snack foods, free of the top eight food allergens and crafted with simple and sustainably sourced ingredients, designed for all to enjoy. Name…