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Patricia Berens

Books About the Most Famous Global Historic Sporting Event

Come see the Library’s small book display with titles about the history and business of the great games, such as Selling the Five Rings, The Boys in the Boat, Sports: The First Five Millennia, and others. Feel free to sign out any of the books you’d like to read. And we have a much greater…

Patricia Berens

New Tax Resource: Tax Analysts

The new Tax Analysts platform provides access to Tax Notes Today, State Tax Today, and Worldwide Tax Daily, as well as the Worldwide Tax Treaties database.  This resource provides global tax-related news and analysis.  You can access the platform via the Horn Library website, alphabetical listing of databases.   A guide to Tax Analysts will be…

Patricia Berens

New BCC Research Reports

BCC Research, one of the market research providers to whose content we subscribe and provide access, has recently published the following reports.  You can access BCC Research via the Library website, list of databases.  You must be a current student, faculty member, or Babson employee to access these reports.                     NEW REPORTS PUBLISHED JUNE 2016…

Patricia Berens

In the Library, summer’s no time to slow down!

People outside of academia often ask whether college staff get the summers off. They are surprised to hear that for the Library and other departments it’s often a very busy time: time for upgrades, introduction of new resources, maintenance, special projects, etc.  This summer is no different and Babson’s librarians are working hard on your…

Patricia Berens

Virtual Reality? Milk Alternatives?

Geothermal energy, biopsy devices, renewable chemicals, smart machines, advanced drug delivery systems, remote sensor technology — all these are topics of new market research reports published by BCC Research in March.  And there are many more!  Whether for business planning or understanding the market a potential employer operates in, BCC Research publishes in-depth reports on…

Patricia Berens

Looking for E-books on Technology Topics?

While we’ve not renewed our subscription to Safari Tech Books Online due to low demand and usage, many of the available titles can be found in our other e-book collections, such as Books 24×7 and Ebrary. You’ll find most of the titles you’ve accessed before on these and other e-book platforms. Just use the Power…

Patricia Berens

New Award-Winning Fiction Books

Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child, The Turner House by Angela Flournoy, and The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen are all recent book award winners and represent just some of our new books.   A new non-fiction award winner we have is Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga by Pamela Newkirk.  Find all these…

Patricia Berens

BCC Research new Market Research Reports

Do you need market research for your business idea or a course assignment?  Here’s a sampling of new reports published by global market research provider BCC Research: RNA Sequencing: Technologies and Global Markets Bioinformatics: Technologies and Global Markets Solar Thermal Technologies: Applications and Global Markets Thermal and Biological Waste-to-Energy Markets Global Markets and Technologies for…

Patricia Berens

See our Book Display about Economics Nobel Prize Winners!

Over Columbus Day weekend, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Angus Deaton, a professor at Princeton University. We have his 2013 book The great escape: health, wealth, and the origins of inequality.  This is on display along with works by previous winners of the Economics prize, including Paul Krugman, Paul Shiller, Elinor Ostrum,…

JSTOR issues resolved.

The vendor has now resolved the access issues.  Access to all subscribed content has been restored. JSTOR is experiencing technical problems.  Users either get a Page Loading Error or are requested to pay for content.  JSTOR is working to resolve the issue.  Will report back when the issue is resolved.