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Babson MBA MCFE Project Update Series: ZBoard

The following post is part of a series featuring the progress made on consulting service to ZBoard by a team of Babson Fast Track students in Babson’s MBA MCFE class. ZBoard, a weight-sensing electric skateboard, won these consulting services as the result of a contest sponsored by the Startup America Partnership, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, and Babson College. The Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) provides graduate students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and experience in an industry or career concentration.

By: How Lau Mendez, Fast Track student

This week we:

  • Reviewed and revised the project scope of work plan
  • Evaluated ZBoard’s market and competitors
  • Analyzed marketing techniques to drive sales
  • Started to receive cost data from ZBoard and will analyze their COGS with the information provided

ZBoard’s competitors in the U.S. market are: EMad, Altered, Metro-Board, Boosted Board and E-Glide. The majorities of these competitors offer more than one type or model and have similar specifications to the ZBoard: maple boards – except E-Glide that also has aluminum boards; average battery: 14 hours; average speed: 19 mph; average weight: 36.5 lbs; handled controller: either wireless or with cable; price range from $449.99 to 1,399.00.

A key differentiator for ZBoard is that they make highly engineered skateboards. Their skateboards are controlled with intuitive motion and the board is operated by feet and weight allowing users to keep their hands free while riding. A potential market segment would be tech-savvy engineers who are passionate about gadgets and enjoy “toys for boys”.