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Jamie Kent (The Collective Music Group LLC)

Name of business: Jamie Kent (The Collective Music Group LLC)

Mission: To provide financial, promotional and creative support to the music and performances of Jamie Kent.

Year Began: 2009

Where: Northampton, MA

Founder: Jamie (aka Jeremy) Kent ’09

Employees: None yet.

How The Idea Began: As an independent musician it’s incredibly tough to support oneself without taking up a second job. Babson tought me however that when you don’t go “all in” to a business, it’s very easy to fail. With that in mind, I developed a new model to support myself which has allowed me to devote all of my time to my music career. “The Collective” is a community of loyal fans who purchase a “Partnership” in The Collective in return for free music, free shows, free merchandise, and a voice in the major decisions I make. Partners have access to a password protected part of my website where I post exclusive music and video, and where they can vote on big questions like “what should the order of my album be?” or “where should I tour?”.  The Collective has allowed me to record a tremendous album, tour locally with a full band of seasoned professionals, and promote my music in many ways. The faster The Collective grows, the faster my music career grows.

Favorite Thing about the Business: I get to work full time pursuing my dream.

Worst Thing About the Business: Sometimes I can’t turn my mind off from music and business! I think my girlfriend probably minds this a bit more than I do though.