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Babson Businesses: Body by Design

Name of Business:  Body by Design

Mission: To improve our clients’ physical health and well-being through the highest quality personal training in a luxurious environment.  We hire only the best personal trainers who have a proven track record of not only achieving clients’ fitness goals but also creating a strong and lasting bond with the client.  Body by Design offers a private, upscale personal training studio in Weston Center with state-of-the art fitness equipment.

Began: Opened in Weston Center on January 1st, 2009

Founder: Heather Whitenack, ’06

How the Idea Began: I had worked as a personal trainer at several different high-end training facilities and had found repeatedly that these studios lacked two things.  First, many clients were put off by the sterile gym-like environment.  It lacked warmth, excitement and played a part in clients losing motivation to work-out.  The second thing I noticed was the lack of connection and trust between trainers and their clients.  As a trainer, our job is to continually motivate, engage, encourage and challenge our clients.  Without a strong relationship between trainer and client, the trainer doesn’t fully understand what motivates the client, why the client hasn’t been successful on his/her own, and most importantly doesn’t establish trust with the client that is necessary to push the client beyond what he or she thinks is possible.

Initial Preparation to Germinate the Idea: I researched different towns to see what services were offered, where the demand was for personal training, and which demographics and psychographics best matched my target market.  Once I selected the town of Weston and found the right location in Weston Center, I visited different gyms and spent hours using different fitness machines to see what I thought would be the best combination of equipment for this location and clientele.  I also spoke to many people who currently had personal trainers and also those who no longer used personal trainers to gain their insight.  All the research and details came together to produce Body by Design.

Favorite Thing about the Business: I love being able to directly see the impact of my work through my clients.  It’s so rewarding to see clients achieve their fitness goals whether it be to lose weight, build muscle, or increase physical stamina.  The increased confidence and pride my clients get as a result of personal training makes every day of work exciting and fulfilling.

Heather Whitenack

Body by Design
588 Boston Post Road
Weston, MA 02493