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A Cup Of Rice Feeds Understanding Of Social Context

In January I  went with a large group of Babson students to Ghana. In the evenings, students meet with individuals who have concerns about their own businesses, most of which are located in a small kiosk, in the market, or on the side of the road. As always, the students find grappling with the everyday…

The Underlying Mental Model Of The Entrepreneurial Leader

In Chapter one of The New Entrepreneurial Leader, I wrote, “Entrepreneurs need the skills and the knowledge to define the world rather than be defined by it” (p. 25). The most thought-provoking and still not completely answered question is how do entrepreneurs define the world? I offer a way of thinking called cognitive ambidexterity that…

Who Am I? Entrepreneurial Leaders And Self-Awareness

Nan Langowitz, chapter author, The New Entrepreneurial Leader Book (www.newleaderbook.com) , discusses the importance of self-awareness in  shaping entrepreneurial leaders and building their unique competencies.