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Shannon Sweeny

Professor Dhruv Grewal Recognized as Outstanding Area Editor of the Year by Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS)

Babson Marketing Professor Dhruv Grewal has been recognized by the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) as an Outstanding Area Editor of the Year. Three of the JAMS Area Editors have been chosen out of the seventeen member team for this award. Professor Grewal received the award at the Academy of Marketing and Science Annual…

Michael Chmura

When In-Store Digital Displays Drive Sales – And When They Don’t

Consumers shop at different size stores for different reasons, and retailers may well wonder whether in-store digital displays for their establishments are worth the investment. New data from a study of Swedish stores can provide valuable guidance. In “Do Digital Displays Enhance Sales? Role of Retail Format and Message Content,” Marketing Professors Anne L. Roggeveen…

Michael Chmura

Global Mega City Vs Small Regional City

I had been with Professor Brush to attend the JASVE conference in Niigata, Japan.(See her two recent blog entries – #1 and #2).The conference’s theme for this year was “New Venture Creation and Regional Economies (roughly translated),” and it is certainly a reflection of the long-held concerns about bi-polarization of economic development and activities between…