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The Corporate American Dream At Its Height: The History of Capitalism

This post originally appeared as part of a series on “CSRwire Talkback.” Part I of a series based on the book Corporate Dreams: Big Business in American Democracy from the Great Depression to the Great Recession (Rutgers University Press, 2011). The American Dream was a corporate dream. At its 1950s zenith, the American Dream included…

Michael Chmura

When A Leader Overreaches: JFK’s Pyrrhic Victory Over U.S. Steel

By Professor James Hoopes: When do you pick a fight—and how? These are uncomfortable questions, yet ones leaders often face in high-stakes situations with competitors and rivals. My research on the interplay between business and political leaders shows that there are rarely easy answers. For example, the well-known story of President Kennedy’s 1962 clash with…

Michael Chmura

‘Occupy’ Crowd Too Focused on Wall Street, Not Enough on Corporate Power: Author

“But for those who say the Wall Street protesters need to offer specific demands, James Hoopes, professor of ethics at Babson College disagrees: “They’re wrong. Occupy Wall Street already has a specific demand. It is aimed not at investment banks or government, but at us ordinary citizens. The protestors are demanding that we stop trusting…