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Preparing Future Entrepreneurial Leaders

A course taught by Babson faculty is teaching and preparing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to be more cognizant of social context by having them learn about and visit Ghana. The program is divided up into three parts. The first segment of the program begins at Babson and prepares students for their transformational journey…

Dennis Hanno

Sharing a Passion for “Futbol”

This post was written by undergraduate student Lisa Wojnar ’12. In December, Lisa was named the 2011 ECAC New England Defensive Player of the Year! This was a great opportunity to share her passion with the Ghanaian students: On Thursday I went with Miguel and Diego to play soccer with some of the local kids…

Dennis Hanno

Humbled by Our New Community

This post was written by undergraduate students Mike Gray ’13 and Miguel Vasquez ’12: Wednesday was our third day in the school, at least for those of us who got to our schools on Monday! For some, it was their first full day teaching, while other groups were well into teaching marketing, finance, and working…

Dennis Hanno

“Amen, Amen! I say to you!”

This post was written by undergraduate student Miguel Bethencourt ’12: And so we continue our journey of teaching and learning. Yesterday, I sat down with a carpenter who blew my mind. Who could believe that a simple carpenter in Africa has more knowledge about the business environment than many of my peers. It was amazing…

Dennis Hanno

Real-Time Tweets

Straight from Ghana! Check out some photos I’ve tweeted during our past few days here: Time to let the city of Sekondi know that @babson is in the house. Frank installs a banner on the church. #ghana2012 twitter.com/dhanno/status/… — Dennis Hanno (@dhanno) January 9, 2012 There’s definitely no place more global than @babson! #ghana2012 team and…

Dennis Hanno

Our First Day in Schools

This post was written by undergraduate student Asma Heerji ’12: Monday was first day that we all went off to our respective schools to teach. Although I was not able to teach as my school was not ready for us, I only heard great things about other experiences. In the evening, some students went to different…

Dennis Hanno

“Wired Differently” and Moved by the Community

This post was written by undergraduate students Rachel Licciardi ’12 and Tyler Murphy ’13: Sunday was our first full day in Sekondi and we woke up to the sounds of the early morning service at Pure Word Chapel. After breakfast, we attended the second service of the day which began with an uplifting, spiritual music piece.…

Dennis Hanno

Our New Home in Sekondi

This post was written by undergraduate student Tim McDonald ’12: Another great day in Ghana. After an early morning breakfast in Accra we drove 4 hours along the coast to our new home in Sekondi. Though long, the drive was both beautiful and eye-opening.  When we arrived at the Assemblies of God church in Sekondi…

Dennis Hanno

Our Visit to Ashesi in Accra

This post was written by undergraduate student Edlyn Wang ’12: Today we visited Ashesi University, a college with which Babson has a strong partnership. On our adventurous car ride there, we got to witness a part of the daily Ghanaian life as we passed by local markets filled with people of all ages and selling…

Dennis Hanno

We’ve Arrived Safe and Sound

After almost 24 hours of traveling, late Thursday night we arrived safe and sound at the Kingsby Hotel in Accra. The crew is resting up for a long day of orientation today in the city before we head to Secondi on Saturday. I look forward to getting started with a bright and enthusiastic group!