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Michael Chmura

How Small Business Owners Can Build Community

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) is one of Babson College’s primary economic development programs, focused on helping small business owners grow their business.  Since 2010 Babson has been the educational partner for the program, with responsibility for program design, training faculty and business advisors across the country for program delivery, guiding the alumni program,…

Babson Global — Shaping Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurial Leaders

Shahid Ansari, chief executive officer, Babson Global and Provost, Babson College, explains how extending Entrepreneurial Thought And Action ® to new populations puts the power of entrepreneurship ─ as the greatest force for social and economic value creation ─ into the hands of tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders. Shahid Ansari Chief Executive Officer, Babson Global sansari@babson.edu

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Preparing Future Entrepreneurial Leaders

A course taught by Babson faculty is teaching and preparing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to be more cognizant of social context by having them learn about and visit Ghana. The program is divided up into three parts. The first segment of the program begins at Babson and prepares students for their transformational journey…

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Research Confirms the Importance of Place in Entrepreneurship

Recent research performed by Babson Professor Heidi Neck and the Babson Entrepreneurship Experience Lab, explores the importance of place as it relates to entrepreneurship. The research reveals that despite the rise of technology and increased virtual and physical mobility, place is still an important component of entrepreneurship.

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Babson Professors Pose Two Questions to Music Entrepreneurs

Babson recently sponsored Rethink Music, a gathering of global music entrepreneurs, organized by The Berklee College of Music. At the conference, Babson Professor Erik Noyes and Babson Professor Toni Lester interviewed music entrepreneurs ranging from the members of the popular band Karmin to a music industry lawyer  to see how they answered two questions: How are entrepreneurs…

Michael Chmura

It Takes Kinetic Energy To Turn An Idea Into A Business

Scott Belsky, author of Making It Happen, claims that having an idea is only 1% of the process. Wow! That’s 99% everything else. No wonder it’s so difficult turning an idea into a business reality. I suspect many of us are part of the 1% (at least this 1% and not the other 1% that the Occupy…

Michael Chmura

Are You An Entrepreneur?

  Most people would say “no” to this question- but this is largely because entrepreneurship is narrowly defined as ‘starting a business’- by this definition, a comparatively small population of people are entrepreneurs.  The United States Global Entrepreneurship Monitor http://www.babson.edu/Academics/centers/blank-center/global-research/gem/Documents/GEM%20USA%20Executive%20Report%202010.pdf  shows that only about 7.7% of the US population is actively engaged in starting a…

Michael Chmura

Still A Glass Ceiling For Women Seeking Equity Capital

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching a seminar for the top Entrepreneurial Winning Women who have been recognized by Ernst and Young.  These women are successful in every way, at the top of their game, and have sales of a million to tens of millions.  They have businesses in every sector- software, fitness,…

Michael Chmura

You Can be an Entrepreneur, Just Find Your Context

Each year June is celebrated as Start-up month and during this time more than any other would-be entrepreneurs inevitably ask me if they can start a venture.  Stories of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship abound in the popular press today and they nervously ask, “Can I be an entrepreneur?”   They see highly successful entrepreneurs and – despite…