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Michael Chmura

Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Professor Donna Kelley discusses the findings of Global Entrepreneruship Monitor 2010 Women report.  The number of women entrepreneurs worldwide is about equal to the population of Brazil.

Global Entrepreneurial Activity In 2009

The release of the GEM 2009 report was much anticipated. The 2008 data was collected in the early summer of that year, before the recession started to dominate the front pages of newspapers across the globe. The 2008 data didn’t show declines in entrepreneurial activity in general across the dataset of 43 countries, although fewer…

Michael Chmura

Teaching ‘Entrepreneurship in China’ To Babson Students In China

I am near the end of a one-month trip to Asia, which included a few conference presentations and presentations at universities, as well as presenting a SEE module for Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR) in Malaysia. The main part of my trip, however, was spent teaching ‘Entrepreneurship in China’ to Babson students enrolled in the…