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Digital Experience Initiative (dXi)

Creative Arts and Digital Transformation

Post by Danielle Krcmar, Associate Director of Visual Arts Did you know that an actress, Hedy Lamar, and a composer, George Antheil, are the inventors responsible for the signal technology which ensures that your cell phone messages can’t be easily intercepted? The encryption technology known as frequency hopping was far ahead of its time, patented…

Digital Experience Initiative (dXi)

5 Digital Super Powers: An Approach to Sustainability with Digital Technologies

Post by Ruben Mancha and Sinan Erzurumlu Digital technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, mobile computing, and augmented reality are bringing unprecedented connectivity to the company, its customers, partners, and even competitors. These fast-evolving and increasingly complementary technologies are poised to work together with high efficiency in the…

Digital Experience Initiative (dXi)

8 Ways Digital Transformation is Changing New Product Development

Post by Ruben Mancha, Sebastian Fixson, Jennifer Bailey, Victor Seidel, Bala Iyer, Sinan Erzurumlu, and Steven Gordon Increasingly competitive market verticals and Digital Titans crossing traditional industry boundaries place pressure on organizations to innovate. Seventy-nine percent of CEO’s participating in a large-scale global survey report innovation as being their top-most or among their top-three priorities.1 At…