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Apple at the Cliff…Can It Reach the Cloud?

Will Apple follow Microsoft and Nokia, or a new different drummer? By: Marty Anderson, Senior Lecturer in Management About a year ago, I wrote a blog piece that argued Apple’s Mountain Lion exhibited a “command” structure that was heavily based upon the social network patterns of American teenagers, and that it could easily be a…

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Update: Anderson On Mountain Lion

 Mountain Lion Launch Reveals Increasing Complexity in Apple’s Networked Interactions with Users and Ecosystem Suppliers; This Complexity Works for American Style Media Markets – But May Not Fit Well With Largest Global Markets Whose Mobile Social Computing Is Very Different;  And….the medium is the message….a blogosphere event that demonstrates the Mountain Lion potential to confuse…

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Apple Reveals New Mountain Lion Operating System and Potentially Shoots Itself in the Foot With 5 Billion Global Users

Apple today proudly announces that if you buy their Mountain Lion OS, it will connect you to many unprotected sites, beyond your control, without your even knowing that you are so connected. You log in, and you are linked to iCloud, three social networking sites, calendars that float through space to datebooks of others, many…

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