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Bala Iyer, Dean of Faculty

Architecting a New Trajectory for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Babson College has gained great success under the assumption that entrepreneurship is the formula for vibrant economies and rewarding careers for citizens. With its focus on entrepreneurial education, Babson has also received much recognition for its impact on student learning and educational outcomes. It has been ranked both for the value it provides and the…

Michael Chmura

You Can be an Entrepreneur, Just Find Your Context

Each year June is celebrated as Start-up month and during this time more than any other would-be entrepreneurs inevitably ask me if they can start a venture.  Stories of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship abound in the popular press today and they nervously ask, “Can I be an entrepreneur?”   They see highly successful entrepreneurs and – despite…

Michael Chmura

How to Kill An Underperforming Project

Professor Andrew Corbett: “Most of us know that new product development and the creation of internal new ventures can have a huge impact on both growth and profitability. As a result, to proceed with or terminate new initiatives is one of the most important but difficult decisions leaders must make when growing their firms. Most…