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Babson Professor Starts First of its Kind Operations for Entrepreneurs Course

Jennifer Bailey

Nine times out of ten, entrepreneurs neglect to consider the role of Operations Management, which is a critical component for the successful launch and growth of every startup.  This is the problem that Professor Jennifer Bailey is trying to prevent.

Bailey has started the Operations for Entrepreneurs course for undergraduate students at Babson.  Launched this fall, this elective course is targeted to students with an interest in understanding the role of Operations Management when starting a company or working for a start-up venture. The course is intended to guide participants through an examination of common operational challenges and execution risks which arise when building a start-up operation from scratch.

The first class was held at the MassChallenge Accelerator where Bailey is an advisor for young entrepreneurs.

The students consider the operational challenges experienced by start-up ventures in a variety of industries including the consumer goods, manufacturing, food, service and software industries.

The students in this class will also be working as operations consultants for WIN Lab businesses, using the skills they learn about operations to assist other Babson businesses.

Entrepreneurs will walk away from this course with knowledge to ensure the operational viability of their startup. This will include a set of decision-making frameworks and business management tools to ensure that the appropriate operational resources, processes and systems are in place for starting-up and scaling-up their venture.

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey is an Assistant of Technology and Operations Management. Her areas of expertise and interest include operations management, innovation management, organizational learning and entrepreneurship. In particular, her research focuses on how innovative and entrepreneurial firms manage risk and uncertainty. For innovative firms, her current research examines the innovation development process to identify effective strategies which firms can employ in order to maximize the likelihood of generating innovation breakthroughs, while mitigating innovation risks and leveraging opportunities for learning from failure. For entrepreneurial firms, her research explores effective strategies which can be employed to mitigate the operational risks and challenges faced by start-up ventures.

Jennifer received her PhD in Operations Management from Georgia Institute of Technology’s Scheller School of Business. She spent 10 years in industry in the field of operations management prior to beginning her academic career. She holds a BSE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA with concentrations in Operations Management and Information Technology Management, from the Georgia Institute of Technology.