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A fun and thoroughly involving beginning of year

I started working here at Babson just three months ago so everything that happens is new and exciting to me. I don’t know how busy the students have been (though I figure an apt description would be “very busy”), but I couldn’t have been any busier than I was. If you’re familiar with the first day of Babson’s orientation, then just picture continuing with that pace for two more weeks.

In order to give you a sense of what it’s been like around here, let me just recap a few of the things I have been involved with in the last few weeks. This is one person’s view of campus life; other people would almost assuredly paint a different picture — though probably equally busy.

  • New residence hall: I have been meeting with a team of faculty to provide input into the design of the classroom in the new residence hall. We are looking forward to having an innovative space for group learning and design work. The groundbreaking ceremony for this building will occur mid-October.
  • Celebrating #1 ranking: On September 10th, President Healey and I hosted a celebration in the Reynolds Center in recognition of the U.S. News & World Report ranking Babson College #1 in Entrepreneurship for the 17th time in a row. Many students, faculty, and staff came by to share in the excitement.
  • Meeting lots of parents: In the first few days after move-in, I met with many parents individually and in groups, welcoming them to the Babson family.
  • Meeting lots of students: Since I have not yet started teaching here at Babson (though I hope to soon), I have to find ways to get to know our students. Well, I have had lots of opportunities to mix & mingle and chat with students (just think about how many activities that students have): addressed peer mentors and took their questions; met with athletes & peer mentors & resident assistants to kick off the year; addressed the senior class during their beginning of year meeting; met with members of the junior class during their class fair; met with members of the sophomore class during their class fair; passed out ice cream bars to all comers at the end of the first day of class; attended the LGBTQ & Allies welcome get-together; gave the welcome speech at the MCFE (Management Consulting Field Experience) kickoff dinner; had dinner with students and faculty in the Honors Program; met with recipients of our Presidential Scholarship; had dinner and talked with all of our Weissman Scholars; attended our student organizational fair; and ran a booth at the College Department organizational fair in which I had a photo booth so that I could take (silly) photos with students.
  • Meeting lots of faculty: I met with many faculty over the summer but now that the school year has started many more opportunities have been presenting themselves. I met with new faculty at the welcome dinner held at the President’s house; attended the first faculty meeting of the year; met with the UAPC (Undergraduate Academic Policy Committee) who are the group of faculty who monitor and lead the undergraduate curriculum; and attended the first faculty “chat” (two short talks given by faculty about their research) of the year.
  • Meeting lots of staff: The thing I did most this summer was meet with staff all around the school. Now that the students are back, it’s more difficult for us to meet but we are still able to make some time. I have attended an all-college employee coffee, given a talk at an all-college Town Hall meeting during which I provided a status report on the undergraduate program, attended a staff lunch for all undergraduate staff, met with our public relations staff, and met with the college’s digital marketing staff.

Can you see how exciting it has been? So many opportunities to meet the major community members here at Babson! As I said, I am sure that students have been busier than this, re-acquainting themselves with old friends, making new friends, and getting familiar with new classes & professors. There is nothing quite like the beginning of a school year, a renewal of the annual promise of new knowledge to be uncovered, new projects to be undertaken, and new relationships to be forged. We are glad that we’re back at it.